What is Data Transparency?

Americans deserve easy access to government information. To enable this access, government information should be published online in electronic formats that make it easy to search, sort and download.


Too often, the U.S. government fails to publish crucial data at all - or publishes such data in inconsistent or outdated electronic formats.


The Data Transparency Coalition serves as a leading voice for the publication of standardized, open government data. We pursue this transformation through advocacy, education, and collaboration. Our members' support enables us to bring the message of data transparency to policymakers, industry leaders, media, and the public.


Data transparency in our government can be achieved if legislative and executive leaders embrace two principles: consistent publication and electronic standardization. Data transparency will make federal information technology more efficient. Data transparency will help the American technology industry create thousands of new jobs in data delivery and analysis. And by opening the government to its people, data transparency will strengthen our democracy.


Achieving data transparency will be difficult. But it is happening. And you can help. Join us.